A Beginner’s Guide to Hipness – What this WILL BE

What My Guide WILL BE –

My main frustration with Hipstamatic is that I don’t have an easy way to check to see what my pictures will look like before I take them. I don’t have the lenses, films, and flashes memorized, either by name or by the effect they produce.  I have used the field guide link in my iPhone 4 to look up certain lenses and have sometimes been disappointed that there isn’t at least one sample photo of “look what things look like when you use this lens.

My guide will be a gallery of effects – I will use the same subject and treat it with different lenses, flashes and films, so you can see what you might get before you try.  I’ll show you what you can do with the items that come with the initial app purchase, and then the fun you can have with purchasing additional packs.  I’ll post a plain reference photo using the built in iPhone camera – no PS Express or tweaking added, and then see what you can do by switching films, lenses, and flash.

I’m also not going to pretend to be a professional photographer.  There are some basic composition techniques I use that I can share.  There’s even benefit to knowing how to adjust and shoot in different lighting conditions that I can give you general tips on.  I have taken some wonderful photography classes taught by a CPP (certified professional photographer), and I know what all goes into building a great photograph – they are NOT point-and-shoot.  They are hard work, adjusting, thinking, creating, and using much higher quality equipment than my iPhone.  Even I know the limitations of my smartphone.  I just use it for my own personal artistic enjoyment.  Even with shooting on a high quality setting, this isn’t going to be a way to capture senior portraits.  It’s for fun.  Let it be fun, and don’t make the results more than they are.  (The fact that I can completely see a MOMA exhibit in the future of art and photographs created by iPhone and iPad apps is completely beside the point.)


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