Nomad Brush – Tools I Never Leave Home Without

This post is dedicated to Nomad Brush, quite possibly the most important tool I have in my artistic arsenal besides my iPad 2.

A friend of mine stumbled upon Nomad Brush and encouraged me to try it.  I have, to date, purchased every single Nomad Brush that has been created and offered (except the children’s one). I covet my Nomad Compose – it is the one I reach for most frequently due to its flexibility. It gives me the sketching freedom and painterly give in one great tool. I love the Nomad Mini because I can toss it in the small bag I keep all my USB Flash drives, charging cords, and other miscellaneous tech gear.  And before those two products were launched, I purchased (and wore out and had to replace) both the Nomad Mil series (original) Long Tip and Short Tip.

Quite possibly the best moment of my current artistic career (I am just doing this on the side, after all), was submitting images I had created to Nomad and they posted them on their gallery!  Since then, they’ve redesigned how they share user-submitted images, but here’s a screen shot of my day in the sun:

This was the first time that anyone had taken my artwork seriously (“anyone” being a complete stranger, that is). 

I am also going to clarify that I get absolutely nothing from the Nomad Brush company for writing this blog entry.  This is just coming from the heart of a liberated digital artist who was really tired of smudging up her iPad by fingerpainting, who was praying that someone could come up with a way to use a paintbrush on a computer because the “sticking” of traditional styli is annoying and cumbersome.

Buy this product.  Buy 10 of them.  Seriously.  You will not regret it, and will market them to all your friends.  (Not kidding. I’ve converted 10 others to date.)

And to the makers of Nomad Brush — THANK YOU for such a wonderful product, for posting my artwork, and freeing my creative spirit with a stylus that flies and dances across my iPad 2 as quickly as the flitting muse that inspires it.


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