ABG2H: My Favorite Things

(And I’m not referring to “Raindrops on roses” or “whiskers on kittens.”)  JeandayFriday had asked me on a prior post, “What is your go-to lens?” and so here is the post to answer that question.

I actually have 6 lens/film combinations that I use frequently, and thanks to the most recent Hipstamatic update, I can now store favorite combos on the camera, accessible by a tap of a star.  So here’s a collage of my 6 favorites:

[I’m ignoring the flash on all these because I very rarely use flash with Hipstamatic, and the descriptions are posted above the photo they refer to.]

Here is what I set up as my still life: My post it note dispenser (because it is fun and colorful) and my Kindle touch, to show a variety of grey tones.  Here is the typical iPhone 4 defaul camera shot:

The Original:  Yes, seriously.  Default camera settings when you download the app.  It’s a great pair of Ina’s 69 and John S, and I love the green mottled cast to the photos.

Lucifer VI + AO DLX:  This is my black-n-white combo #1 — I use this for if there is lots of light availble.  A key component of L6 is that it is the lens that “burns” your details, making them dark and moody.  Looooove it!  Lucifer is great at darkening pretty much anything in a background or in shadow, so things that are highlighted really pop.  It keeps this characteristic no matter which film you pair it with.  (That’s why knowing Lenses vs Film is SO important.  They each play a major role in how your photograph turns out.)

Libatique 73 + Ina’s 1935:  Such a soft and sweet combo.  Ina’s 1935 gives a weathered sepia tone to the photo, and Libatique captures the details without adding too much on top of your photo. (I’ll explain that in another post.)

Lucifer VI and Ina’s 69: This is my go-to for color photographs. I love the burn from Lucifer and the rich colors from Ina’s 69.  If I had to say which lens combination gives me what I would consider is “My Look,” it would be this pairing.

Watts and Dream Canvas: This is the recent combo I am experimenting with.  I love the Dream Canvas film because of its texture and painterly feel.  Watts gives a nice color play I wasn’t expecting and is lighter than I am used to shooting.  I’m trying to expand here and get better with shooting with this team.

James M and AO DLX: Here is black-n-white combo#2.  I use this is light is low and I want to capture as many details as possible.  James M lets in a lot more light (so, you could think of James M as ISO 1600 – high detail in low light, and Lucifer VI as ISO 200.  It’s a very poor analogy, but I think it works.).

So that’s the starting point of what I want to continue to do with ABG2H — I want to give you descriptions for each lens and examples of photos (those are coming soon!) so you can see “Oh, okay… if I want bright colors and burned out details, I should use a high color film like Ina’s 69 and a darkening lense like Lucifer or John S.”


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