Technique: Lines and Seuss

I have loved the nonsensical world of Dr. Seuss since I was about the size of a Who. (“A person’s a person, no matter how small!”)  His linework is incredible, plus the sheer creativity in all of his works — the creatures, the landscapes, the representations of people — how can you not just sit in awe?

I always was intrigued that, for the majority of his work, he only used 3 or 4 main colors in the books.  Generally speaking, his works were black and white, with one or two accent colors. (Cat in the Hat? Blue, red, black, white.  The Sneetches? Yellow, turquoise, black, white.  Sam I Am? Orange, green, black, white.  Get the picture?)

This piece is a tribute to Dr. Seuss.  I am blatantly mimicking the composition off of an image I Googled.  I wanted to see if I could recreate the energy and vibrance of Dr. Seuss’ linework by close study of it and its color palatte.

I really enjoy this work.  It’s one of my favorites I’ve done, even though it is unfinished. I may leave it this way. I like the abstract edge that the unfinished areas add, plus it gives me a brief snapshot of how I work (from the inside out, apparently).

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