Technique: Lines and Roosters

When I was very small, I created a cartoon character named Mr. Turkroost.  I created many adventures and friends for him, and would draw lots of cartoon strips of him.  One of these days, I need to visit my parents and dig through some boxes and scan some of my early artwork. (I won’t kid anyone — most likley it will all be garbage, but still, for posterity’s sake it should be posted, and it would at least reassure my art professors in college that, yes, I did learn something from them.)

My father always supported my artistic endeavors, and to this day he’ll ask me if I’ve drawn any Mr. Turkroost’s lately.  So, this “Modern Turkroost” is for my dad.  My cartoon is all grown up and abstracted. I really wanted to play with patterns, line texture, and repetitive composition on this piece. Enjoy!

Created in ASketch on iPad with Nomad Brush.

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