Technique: Falling Up

Sometimes the pieces that appear on the iPad screen after I have been doodling really amaze me.  “Falling Up” is one of those pieces.

I had just purchased ArtRage and was beyond thrilled with the responsive nature of its digital oil paint. I was happy blending and creating many piles of what certainly would have ended up in the garbage if it’d be real oil paint but ended up being just happy scribbles in the digital realm.

I had discovered that I could also turn my paints metallic on the app, which spurred yet another round of smearing and blending.

As I zoomed out to view the full “canvas” for a particular painting, I was amazed at what I had squoze onto the canvas.  It looked like a buckled ocean wave spilling into the ceiling.  Thus, “Falling Up” was born.

To this day I can’t figure out how I created this piece, but I do enjoy looking at it.

Created in ArtRage on iPad.


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