Technique: Lines and Schulz

I created this piece while watching a multitude of Charlie Brown cartoon specials on TV. Like with Dr. Seuss, I enjoy Charles Schulz’s use of simple lines and color blocks as the backdrop for his lively cartoons featuring Snoopy and the Gang. His lines were bold and expressive and messy to an extent, but his style carried over so seamlessly that you overlooked any coloring outside the lines in favor of following the story.

I wanted to create a piece that would recall those fun memories, but also have an adult twist. “Waiting for Inspiration” is that piece. The backdrop is there. The potential is all there.  Snoopy’s typewriter is ready to go, waiting for him to pen the next “It was a dark and stormy night…”  But there is tension. It feels awkward.  The emptiness is unsettling.

Created in Sketchbook Pro on iPad.

1 thought on “Technique: Lines and Schulz

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