Scribbles: Pieces Parts

Have you ever had a day (or series of days) when you just feel… scrambled? Nothing seems to fit together as it should. Everything appears gray and bleak.  No matter how hard you try, you keep coming up a day late, a dollar short, and the cliches just keep coming.

That has been my past week.  I have struggled at work. I’ve struggled at grad school.  I’ve struggled with coming up with posts for this blog.  I’ve gone to bed every night exhausted, overslept and woken up every morning late, and it’s just been a perpetual cycle perpetrated by the lack of sun in midwinter Ohio.

So, in the midst of my bleak midwinter, I found a sketch called “Pieces Parts.”  This really adequately shows what I’ve been lately… disjointed, out of order, scrambled, smiling on the outside, but just blank expression on the inside.

Created in ArtRage on iPad with Nomad Brush.

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