Creatively Stuck

 I have been, as previously mentioned, working on a Project 365 called “Doodle a Day,” where I’ve dedicated to drawing at least something every day for my personal “fiscal” year (I start each P365 on my birthday each year. 2011-2012 was Vol. 28).

Throughout this process, I can tell that my skills are growing and getting better. I am able to (much more quickly) “see” in my head what I want to draw and get my hands to be able to create it.  I don’t hesitate nearly as much as I did — I draw without fear of mistakes or “messing up.”  I doodle constantly. It’s been a creative awakening that I didn’t even know I needed.


We come to this piece.  At the moment, it’s called “Clouds.”  I will start off by saying I love this piece. I am so happy with where it’s going. This is the style that I have been trying to get out of my head and onto the paper or the iPad for well over two years now.  I think I’ve finally “cracked the code” of how to get this whimsical, Eric-Carle-meets-Pixar-and-cut-out-construction-paper look and feel.  I look at this piece and just feel that inner artistic “YES.  This is what you were striving for.”

Which is all well and good until now I can’t figure out what else to put on it.

In my head, I see a few red balloons bobbing through those clouds.  But each time I try to put them in, it ruins the piece. I can’t get the balloons in the same style as the clouds. After a few hours of trying, I gave up, and saved my little piece of blue sky for tackling on another day.

What do you think? What’s missing? What belongs? What flies through the skies in your mind?

Created in ArtRage on iPad 2 with Nomad Brush.

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