Vitruvian Muppet Mash Up

There seems to be a huge surge in the artworld in a certain genre: the Mash Up.   It seems to be every where I look, every blog I click, every new artist I find.  Everyone is putting their own unique spin on the Mash Up.

What is a Mash Up?  Our friends at explain it this way:


  /ˈmæʃˌʌp/ Show Spelled[mash-uhp] Show IPA


1 Music, Slang . a recording that combines vocal and instrumental tracks from two or more recordings.
2 Slang . a creative combination or mixing of content from different sources: movie mash-ups; a Web mash-up that overlays digital maps with crime statistics.
This blog is in honor of definition #2, the “creative combination or mixing content from different sources.”  Today’s sources: #1 Leonardo DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” a famous icon of Renaissance thought and innovation, and #2, Grover, my favorite Muppet. (Partly due to the fact that my father would read me stories in his “Grover” voice since I was very small.)
This is a work in progress, hence the screen shot from the iPad to include to toolbars.
Created in ArtRage on iPad 2 with Nomad Brush.

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