Inspiration Station: Eric Boyer and Human Scale Studio

All I can say is WOW — I am absolutely STUNNED by the beauty in this article from Etsy on Eric Boyer and his wire mesh scultpures, both in the photographs of his work and in the lyrical, witty and approachable way he writes.

Beyond perusing the wonderful photographs of his work, the biggest takeaway from this article for me was inspiration:

I grew up with an art teacher dad who lavished us kids with cheap materials and liked to ask tough questions: […] ‘Let’s try to comprehend infinity.’  […]One of the most valuable things I have learned is to give myself permission to experiment. Whenever I visit another artist’s studio, a museum, or a gallery — any place where people are creating new things — it’s a reminder not to get in the rut of assuming I know how to do things. That petrifies the creative mind. Try something you know you can’t do just to find out why. Limitations can be myths for us to shatter. My favorite all-time mantra: suspension of disbelief.  You don’t have to have belief, but you do have to stop roadblocking yourself with doubt and knowledgeable pessimism.”

Talk. About. WOW… 

Thanks, Eric, for inspiring and sharing.

Eric Boyer/Human Scale Studio

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