When is a chair not a chair?

Answer: when it is my crafting throne!

It has been pointed out to me that I should write a blog entry on the center of my crafting universe, the point inside my studio that, if it were plotted in a graph, would be (0,0,0,0): my chair.


This chair has more sentimental value than anything. It was a gift from my dear friend L, who took me under her wing when I had moved across the state and was basically friendless and furnitureless. She said, “It’s a great chair. Lots of potential and lots of character, just perfect for you! It needs some love but I think you’ll really like it.” To this day I marvel at her generosity. I also wonder if she didn’t take pity on me for having to watch TV while laying on the floor because I had no other furniture. 🙂

All it took was a bit of strategic recovering with colorful upholstery fabric and some artistically placed fabric paint doodles and voila! My craft throne had appeared.

There are so many reasons why I love this chair. It just FITS me. (Few are lucky enough to know the bond between body and chair. This one is exquisite!: it’s wide enough that I can sit cross-legged on it (key feature), the arms function as handy pin cushions during sewing projects, and the top also serves as a handy “shelf” for my cats, should they choose to bless me with their presence. 😉

(This masked marauder is Finnigan.)

A final bonus of my craft throne is its ability to serve as a backdrop for many projects when I photograph them for the blog. And who doesn’t love a chair that offers them a hug? 🙂 (although I guess it does look like I’ve dismembered a beloved Dr. Seuss character…


That’s all for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my studio!


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