The Photographic Time-Space Continuum

I’ve had many questions posed to me lately: what’s the difference between Hipstamatic and Instagram? Which photo apps do you use? How do you decide which to use? This blog entry is to hopefully make this a bit clearer.

I think of my photographic world as a continuum. A time-space continuum, if you will. I decide which app to use based on two factors: how much time I have (time, obviously) and how much the object I’m photographing is moving (the space, if you will.) Here’s a brief intro into the continuum.

If I have a TON of time, and the object is doing whatever it wants to do (sports, dogs, kids, flora, fauna, etc) – then I go for my trusty Nikon D-50. (Hey. No judging.)


If I have some time, and the object is stationary to moving a little bit, then i use Hipstamatic.


If I am pressed for time and I have a slightly more movable object, but I still want to use a bit of post-processing flair, then I use Instagram.


If I have NO time and the object is not cooperating, but I want to capture the moment and do post processing in either Instagram or Photo Toaster, then I just use the basic default camera on my phone and hope for the best!

20120716-215639.jpg 20120716-215710.jpg

Basically, all that can be summarized on this handy dandy chart:

As explained further below, here’s the PTSC chart. As I was extremely short on time… can you guess what I used to take this photo? The answer is…. the default Camera Phone app.

You can see that as time increases on the left and space increases on the bottom, then the photo app that I use changes.  The highlights around the photo app indicate how wide of a range of applicability they have in regards to time and space. (In my world, anyway!)


Little Shop of Horrors – Call Me Maybe mashup

So, if you’re anywhere on YouTube, you’ve seen the many incarnations of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” lipsynch videos.  Our theatre couldn’t help but put our own spin on this phenomena, and thanks to the great directorial vision of Chad S. Roberts and the WONDERFUL video editing of jeandayfriday, we proudly present to you:

Little Shop of Horrors, Call Me Maybe edition

I am operating the first, third, and fourth puppets in the video (sometimes better than others, but I am just beginning, so cut me some slack, please!).  We rented the puppets from MTI in New York City and couldn’t be more pleased with them.

Enjoy! Comment! Link! 🙂 Share with your friends.