101 Reasons to #love #Instagram

Ok. Now before I get into the bulk of this entry, I’m going to say:
1- fear not, I am NOT abandoning Hipstamatic. It is still a much loved and frequently used app. (for further proof, see my photography time-space continuum post)
2 – I lied. I doubt I’ll list 101 reasons here. But it sounded catchy. And I will really try to come up with that many, but it’s not looking good.


So why do I love Instagram? So many reasons.


1. It’s a great way to share photos to the masses. (the “masses” being your friends, family, strangers, Big Brother, and the aliens, of course.)

2. When people “like” your photos, you’ll feel popular and socially accepted. Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want more social kudos?

3. Having “followers” might make you feel like a cult leader or an emperor, but in a socially acceptable and not creepy way.

4. Who doesn’t #love #hashtags? In al honesty – I ADORE hashtags now. I always made fun of them before, but you know what? Those little buggers are HANDY. Not only do they make you look super modern (or overly teenage), they also serve as a great way for sharing your photos to others who have similar interests. Plus they let you search and find others whose photos you may like as well. Enjoy photos of Fluffy Kitties in cute positions? There’s a hashtag for that:

20120914-225304.jpg. Myself? I’ve found a lot of supportive people who are art teachers, fellow artists, and others training for half marathons. It’s so great to be able to share a photo of your passions and hobbies and have others comment and appreciate them, too!

Apparently I’m 107 reasons short. Hmm. #backtothedrawingboard!

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