A Greatly Delayed Update


So sorry, lovely followers. Autumn is always a busy time for me, between full time work and grad school work and puppet teaching and homework and half-marathon training, it may be that my schedule is a bit full.


I have to share the latest awesomeness from Hipstamatic. Two words: Multiple. Exposures.

The double entendres alone from that phrase can be entertaining, but just WAIT til you see what this new tool can do!

Your pictures used to be these:



Now? You can do this:


IN HIPSTAMATIC. As you shoot!!! Not a separate photoshop or merging app required!!

I was able to download the Multiple Exposures Pak for 99 cents this past weekend. I did upgrade to an iPhone 5, and my friend with iPhone 4 (jeandayfriday – have you read her blog? You should!!!) wasn’t able to download the Pak, so I don’t know if that’s a phone issue or a temporary site issue.

Try it. You’ll love it! I am working on dissecting just how it works so I can post another update later on about composition tips and tricks, so stay tuned!!!




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