Fun with Tintype Snap Pak

Hmm… It appears that I accidentally deleted this original post. Here is the condensed version.


I was playing around with Hipstamatic today and their new Tinto 1884 lens. It is a part of the Tintype Snap Pak and well worth the 99 cents!

Top left: original scene, iPhone 5 default camera.
Top right: Tinto 1884 lens and Salvador film
Bottom left: Tinto 1884 and C-Type film
Bottom right: Tinto 1884 and D-Type film.

Get out and start experimenting! You never know what “ordinary” scene might turn into a fabulous photo by using Hipstamatic. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fun with Tintype Snap Pak

    • Thanks Julie! Thanks too for all your awesome Christmas tips! I’m off to knit some coffee copies and dish cloths now! Those should be much quicker than all those hats and scarves I had been doing!

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