Quick Project: One Hour Knit Dishcloth

My knitting prowess has been growing these past few weeks! Today I would like to share a fun online resource and a great idea for a quick project.

The resource? Ravelry.com: a free online community for knitters and crocheters that has zillions of patterns (free and those you can purchase) as well as tutorials and blogs. I have just begun to explore Ravelry, so I’ll post more as I learn more. In the meantime, check it out!


Now, onto the project! The One Hour Knit Dishcloth

I got this idea originally from my favorite redhead, Julie, who has her own fabulous blog, Outtakes on the Outskirts. (I know Julie in real life as well – we went to college together and are sisters in Sigma Alpha Iota, but I digress.). Anyhow, she posted a great mini blog series recently about doing Christmas on the cheap, and mentioned homemade gifts that were quick, easy, and inexpensive. One of those ideas were knit dishcloths.

The idea was so simple I literally smacked my forehead when I read that, thinking, “WHY didn’t I think of this earlier?!” Having conquered the hats and scarves I had attempted, I quickly set to searching Ravelry for free knit dishcloth patterns.

The amount of free patterns Is overwhelming, and I’ve made a few different kinds so far.

This is the first one I attempted: a basketweave.


Here is another that is called “Grandma’s favorite dishcloth,” which is so true, as my grandmother really did have these kind of dishcloths!


However, these each took me about 2.5 hours to complete. I don’t know about you, but I’m impatient. I wanted to find a pattern I could make in an hour or less.

This waffle patterned dishcloth by Love2Knit (who I found on Ravelry) worked up in just a tad over an hour this morning. I did one that followed the pattern exactly (yellow) but then did another where I added a garter stitch border (red) which I like better.



For these dishcloths, I used a US size 6 knitting needles and Lily’s sugar and cream cotton yarn.

I’m working on writing up how I added the border, because I messed it up originally. (What can I say? I’m new at this!) I will post the pattern separately.

But in the meantime, what are you waiting for? Hop online, find a project, and start knitting! 🙂

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