I am in love with an app for my iPhone called Hipstamatic. If you have never heard of this all and you have an iPhone, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go find this app.

Between the photography apps on my iPhone and the sketching apps, Apple has really given me back the ability to be spontaneously artistic. I can use Hipstamatic to capture moments that inspire me that I might otherwise have forgotten. I use ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro when I need to flex my doodle muscle. I can tweak multiple photos with PS Express. For a very busy on-the-go artist such as myself, having the ability to capture instantly and easily really gives me the chance to create a digital scrapbook of inspirations I can revisit later, when the artistic mood and time is right.

That being said, I normally have 17 projects up in the air at any given time. My next challenge I am tackling will be A Beginner’s Guide to Hipstamatic (ABG2H): what the basics are, what type of lenses there are, the effects of the film and flashes, and some of my “here’s how I do it” tips. Will this go anywhere? Who knows. I may have a great little side app on my hands. But this is more for the left side of my creative brain that really wants to tackle the 3,402 possible creative combinations of lens, film, and flash. Stay tuned!

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