Photos! Latest Puppet Creations

For those of you who were worried I’m abandoning my puppets in favor of knitting, fear not! This Christmas I was a busy elf in many respects, which included not only baking and knitting but also major acts of puppeting. Seven custom puppets for seven adorable kids. 🙂 Enjoy!

First up, for K, the greatest 10 year old girl Baltimore Ravens fan that lives in North Carolina…


Not to be outdone, puppet #2 was requested for C, Ohio’s answer to the Ravens biggest 10-yr-old boy fan. He told me his puppet’s name is Rookie Monster. Love it!


Numbers 3 and 4 were requested for a family with two younger children, and they didn’t have any specific character requests. Just “something fun” for the girl and a furry blue pal for the boy 🙂



Next, my favorite “almost 8 year old” little girl M requested a puppet that would be friends with her well loved Kermit doll. As she and her parents are huge Florida Gators fans, a frog-inspired Gators cheerleader was in order!


And. Last but not least, (and I say that because I got these puppets finished and to Santa at 7:00 pm on Christmas Eve!) we have two awesome characters for two awesome guys who’s mama writes one of my favorite blogs on here, jeandayfriday. The older boy was extremely specific and asked for the blue Pikmin (which I had to research because I had no idea what he was talking about!), and the younger guy just wanted something in his school colors of red and gray. Here’s the results!


As usual, my base patterns came from Project Puppet. I cannot stress enough how amazing their patterns are! For all the football puppets, their jerseys/uniforms came courtesy of Build-a-Bear. While making puppet clothes is totally possible, the convenience of buying them pre-made is a lifesaver at crunch time! (If you just need a simple shirt for a puppet, try using 0-6 month baby clothes! Check out your local thrift store for great deals. I once found a baby tuxedo for $2: what a snazzy puppet that made!)

More tips and tricks to come! Stay tuned!

Holiday Baking Shenanigans

Well I’ve been a busy little elf this holiday season! I’ve recently discovered the fun that is making Cake Pops. Have you seen these? Using a handy little baking machine like a waffle iron, you can turn ordinary cake mixes into wonderful holiday (or any festive occasion) treats!

Thanks to my friend jeandayfriday, a new world of culinary delights awaits.

Here’s a bit of our handiwork as we made cake pops for her sons’ classes:


Babycakes Cake Pop Maker. BEST. INVENTION. EVER. EVER!!!!!!! It plugs in similar to a George Foreman grill, and it cooks a DOZEN cake balls in FOUR MINUTES. It. Is. AMAZING!

Here we are, getting all our supplies in a row! 🙂


And…. six dozen cake balls later… That was just from ONE cake mix! You can get between 5 and 7 dozen cake balls out of a single box of cake mix. Just depends on how you fill the machine.


Now, once you make the cake balls, you coat them in melted chocolate and roll them in sprinkles. Flash freeze them to firm them up, insert a lollipop stick and place in a plastic bag and tie a bow, and voila! You’re done!

This was my favorite cake pop I made. It looks so cute and holiday-ish!


Tons of holiday cake pops for some happy little dudes! Woohoo! 🙂

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!