A Beginner’s Guide to Hipness – What This Is NOT

What My Guide is NOT – a “Push this button and magically take great pictures” guide.

I am not going to pretend to be a professional photographer.  I am not.

I am not going to walk you through how to use your app.  I’m not going to pretend on this site to write a new ‘How to’ Manual – for one thing, this isn’t my product. I just use it. 

The Hipstamatic team has created an online user guide for their product, which is essentially a wiki for all users to contribute and edit to so we all can share the hipness.  Their site is fabulous, easy to use and search, and answers all the basic questions.  So for newbies, I suggest just playing around with the app or going to the websites listed before for more details.

Hipstamatic Owner’s Manual website: http://wiki.hipstamatic.com/index.php?title=Owner%27s_Manual

This gives you many sections: Shopping guide, Shooting guide, Sharing guide, Community guide, Organizing guide, and Technical Specifications.

Camera Models: Track Your Updates:


Shooting Guide – How does this thing work exactly?


Coming Soon!

Coming soon, to a blog near you… Actually, to this blog.

I am very excited to bring this project to you, and would welcome suggestions on what you want to see, settings you’d like explained, or favorite kits / lenses / films you rock to the fullness of their hipness!