If You Give a Panda Pizza…

A long overdue update to post the final art created for my friend’s class project. I had such a great time creating these drawings for her story.  I worked to create a consistent style among all the pictures.  I used a hybrid creation method for these: I drew the base sketched in my sketchbook, inked them with a Micron 01 marker, took photos of them with my iPad, and then imported those photos into ArtRage, where i painted on top of the sketches with multiple layers to facilitate shading.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Hipstamatic update: Retro Pak 3 is now available!

Retro Pak 3 is now available from Hipstamatic- 3 lenses and six films for $3.99 – a very good deal if you don’t already have the individual sets that make up the collection.

Happy snapping!