What tangled webs we weave… Errm, Knit

December has arrived in a flurry of unexpected events. Well, really just one unexpected event: I lost my job of five years due to corporate restructuring, and now have found myself with a lot of time on my hands.

Oh, I know what you all are going to say : “Everything happens for a reason.” “If you’re honest with yourself, you weren’t too crazy about your job anyway.” “You were working toward a career change anyhow.” “This is a blessing.” Yes, I know all that. But knowing all that doesn’t change the fact a) it’s still unexpected, which b) makes it really scary, and c) means that I now have a ton of time with which to sit in my house and ponder life’s big questions, which is really uncomfortable for me.

See, I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this by now, loyal readers that you are to my recently not updated blog, but I like to be busy. (Okay, that’s an understatement. Those of you who know me in “real life” are probably laughing your butts off right now.) I have to have somewhere to go, something to do, somewhere to be, someone to save, projects to finish (key emphasis on the plural there) and an all-around hugely packed schedule that has me out of my house and to work, school, student teaching, private lesson teaching and the gym for about 18-20 hours in a day. I’m not kidding. This has been my life for the past eight years or so.

And then… Bam. Gone. I lost my job. The semester of graduate school finished. Private lessons are done until February. And I am left with a lot of time on my hands.

I have discovered through all this that I don’t know how to rest. I feel lazy and unproductive and, if I’m truly honest, pretty darn bad for myself because I’m now unemployed (and single with two cats for company and 128 days away from turning 30… But that’s another blog post entirely).

So. I’ve spent two weeks trying to figure out what I’m going to do, and in the meantime, I decided to keep my hands busy.


Ok, that’s a lie, too. I developed a freakish and insane obsession with knitting. (Incidentally, yes, that is my Instagram username on the photo. Feel free to follow me!)

I have known how to knit, in theory, for about 15 years, but was never very good at it due to lack of practice. Well, now I have a ton of time to practice, and I’m taking advantage of it.

I started with scarves. Which then became cabled scarves. Which then became braided scarves, which turned into hats, which turned into loom-knitted socks… And by about that time, I realized I might have a problem.

I am running out of unsuspecting family members and friends upon which to foist my holiday hand-knitted handiwork.




So, what’s a poor depressed unemployed artist to do? Get over herself and knit for charity.

I have discovered (through the power of Google) that there are a ton of charities out there that accept knit donations: charities for children, chemo patients, and soldiers, just to name a few. So this girl is gonna pick herself up by her yarn skeins and do some good in the world… Knit one purl two at a time.

Do you have any favorite crafting charities or stories? Please share them in the comments!

Edit: My apologies for the poor quality photos. I’m updating from my phone and apparently I haven’t got the hang of it yet. They will be fixed in the future!