The Making of Plarn

Sit back and fasten your seatbelts, folks.  Today, we learn about making plarn!  (not sure what plarn is? Read my definition here.)

To make plarn, you’ll need plastic grocery bags.  You know, the kind typical of all those Super-Marts we know and love.  Depending on the project you want to make – a rug, a placemat, or my personal favorite, a reusable shopping tote – you’re going to need a LOT of plastic bags.  If you don’t happen to have a stash that is 4 years old (like the kind I stumbled upon at my brother’s house), then you may want to contact neighbors, friends, family — most people are happy to get rid of their stash of recyclable plastic grocery bags

The gallery below explains the preparation process to make the plarn.  After you master this basic step, Lather, Rinse, and Repeat.  A LOT. 🙂

Plarning Away

I’m still waiting on my supplies to ship so I can finish the From Pattern to Puppet series we began in early April.  However, on that commercial break. I’ve been working on another project: Plarn.

What is Plarn, you ask?  Simply, Plarn = Plastic Yarn.  (Not the world’s most clever pormanteau, but it’s functional.)

How do you find it? You make it!  I make my own plarn by reusing plastic grocery bags.  You know, the kind we love to collect and save because we’ll reuse them, but most likely the end up thrown away or, hopefully, put out with the recyclables.

So how do we get to here?

A multi-color mismash ball o' plarn.

Come with me. I’ll show you! 🙂