Must have Art apps for iPhone (and iPad)

I’ve been so busy in craftland and Puppet World that I’ve been neglecting the digital art portion of this blog. My apologies!

The thought occurred to me the other day to write a quick post about what apps I use when I created my digital art.

This is a screenshot from my iPhone 4 that lists my Must Have Apps: ArtRage, TypeDrawing, Qvik Sketch, Sketchbook MobileX, Zen Brush and Drawing Carl.

ArtRage: This is my #1, never-leave-home without app.  Art Rage is FANTASTIC (and currently on sale in the App store!) at mimicing actual media- oil paints, chalk, watercolor, etc.  You have many options for exporting the images, can change the file size up to 2048X2048 (on iPad 2), and there is also a mobile version for iPhone.  I have used this app to paint scenes that have been used by my local theatre as visually projected backdrops. (Talk about amazing! Imagine seeing your art projected 7′ high by 14′ long!)

TypeDrawing: I love this app.  I really began studying how it works after reading about the works created by Julia Kay.  Typography is so en vogue right now.  It’s fun to play around with it using this app. You have many font options, color options, opacity of text, as well as being able to draw on white paper, black paper, or a photo.

Qvik Sketch: This app is great for sketching, as it implies.  It has some fun and quirky brushes built into the app.  I especially like playing around with the one called “Chrome.”

Sketchbook Mobile X: The very first app I bought for my original iPad has found its way onto my iPad 2 and my iPhone.  This app has a mirroring function which can come in very handy!

Zen Brush: Calming and soothing, just like drawing with water on slate.  I love this app’s ability to mimic bleeding ink.

Drawing with Carl: A friend introduced me to Carl, and I have to admit, I giggle like crazy around him!  Drawing Carl is a great fun app, especially for kids, or for adults who act like kids, as I do. 🙂 There’s some fun features and stamps included with Carl.  For mindless doodling, you can’t go wrong with him.


Which app is the “best” app? I can’t answer that.  I use them all in different instances and in different ways.  I like having a variety of tools at my disposal.  Some of them are free, but for those that are not, I am pleased with their performance so much that I would purchase them again in a heartbeat.

So what are you waiting for? Go download and start doodling today! Enjoy!


Vitruvian Muppet Mash Up

There seems to be a huge surge in the artworld in a certain genre: the Mash Up.   It seems to be every where I look, every blog I click, every new artist I find.  Everyone is putting their own unique spin on the Mash Up.

What is a Mash Up?  Our friends at explain it this way:


  /ˈmæʃˌʌp/ Show Spelled[mash-uhp] Show IPA


1 Music, Slang . a recording that combines vocal and instrumental tracks from two or more recordings.
2 Slang . a creative combination or mixing of content from different sources: movie mash-ups; a Web mash-up that overlays digital maps with crime statistics.
This blog is in honor of definition #2, the “creative combination or mixing content from different sources.”  Today’s sources: #1 Leonardo DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” a famous icon of Renaissance thought and innovation, and #2, Grover, my favorite Muppet. (Partly due to the fact that my father would read me stories in his “Grover” voice since I was very small.)
This is a work in progress, hence the screen shot from the iPad to include to toolbars.
Created in ArtRage on iPad 2 with Nomad Brush.