Puppet Pandamonium Part 2 – The Video Links

I finally had the time to update my YouTube account with all the videos we have made in Puppet Class at the Tuscarawas County Center for the Arts.  And so, in an act of shameless self promotion, here they are, in all their glory — links to the lovely shenanigans and puppety fun we’ve had over the past year at TCCA:


Fall 2011 TCCA Puppet Class proudly presents….

Meet the Crew

For each session of my class, we start performing with our puppets by conducting interviews with them.  This allows the kids to learn how to match their voice to their puppet’s mouth movements (and vice versa) and really helps them develop their puppets’ character.

The Talk Show

The Fall 2011 class had a big idea when it came to what they wanted to do for their final video project – they decided on a Talk Show where I (playing Harry, the Big Brown Furry Guy Talk Host) led their puppets through a series of interviews to develop the story about a Mayor in New Puppetdelphia that was giving the citizens a hard time.

Where’s Derp?

The Fall 2011 class continued their videos with the Adventure of “Where’s Derp?” – a continuation of the story from the Talk Show where we find out what happened to Derp when the Mayor imprisoned him.  (I love children’s limitless imaginations!)

Gallery Talk with Coco 2

Gallery Talk is one of my favorite projects to do with the kids is to have their puppets go around the art gallery and pick out a piece of art they like.  They then give a brief critique of it – who created it, what it is made of, and why they like it.

Gallery Talk with Sherbet

**The Fall 2011 class videos were created using my iPad 2 and iMovie.


Spring 2012 TCCA Puppet Class proudly presents….

Welcome to Puppet Class

A behind-the-scenes look at our class, who our puppeteers are, and watch us making some of our puppets.

Puppets and Letters

This year’s class decided they wanted to do some videos using their puppets to help teach younger children letters, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! All these videos were extemporaneously spoken from a brief outline we created during class.

Gallery Talk with the Puppets: the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition 2012

Another session of Gallery Talk, this time with art created by school-aged artists all around the state of Ohio – the finalists for the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition show for 2012.

Puppet Bloopers

Many of our bloopers aren’t captured on camera, unfortunately, but here were a few that we did manage to get! Enjoy! 🙂

**The Spring 2012 class videos were made using my iPhone 4 and iMovie.


Inspiration Station: Julia Kay self portraits

It’s been said “Pride goeth before the fall,” and I am the first one to admit that pride is one of the seven deadly sins I am most likely to commit.  I am proud of lots of things — that I am paying my way through my master’s degree, that I balance a very hectic schedule, that I’ve completed a project 365 and nearly finished with another one.

Julia Kay puts my measly 365 projects to shame. Etsy has done it again in linking to a fantastic inspirational artist.  Not only has she completed a massive THREE YEAR project of drawing a self portrait every single day.  I don’t have nearly that much commitment!

The other great thing about Julia is that she is experimenting with moving from traditional media to digital media.  She wrote this ‘how to’ article on how she’s transforming her approach to creating art.

As another artist working in digital iPad media, it is difficult to find subject matter experts on working with the new challenges this media presents.  I teach a digital art on the iPad class, and so far designing my course syllabus and projects has involved using traditional media projects and transposing them into the digital realm.  It’s always refreshing to see how someone is using this unique tool, and immeasurably more wonderful to see someone take such a painstaking approach to it.

Inspiration Station: Chaz Addams

“It was a dark and stormy morning…”

That’s the weather I’ve been dealt in mid-winter, Ohio, and when it looks dank and dreary outside, what’s a girl to do but go find some devlishly macabre and delightful gothish whimsy illustrations?

Enter Chaz Addams.  Yes, those Addams — The creator of the Addams family of TV and Broadway Musical Fame.  Charles Addams was a wonderful illustrator (January 7, 1912 – September 29, 1988) whose legacy lives on.

A Google search for his works gives a multitude of images, most of which I can’t post due to copyright laws.  However, you can click here to go to an online gallery of his print works, and BELIEVE me, it is well worth the click.

Addams reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, and illustrative style I really love.  It’s free. It’s loose.  It’s whimsy.  It’s muted, yet colorful.  (Yes, black and white can be colorful. It’s all about hue intensity.)  And it’s inspired me to do some gothish whimsy doodling of my own.  Enjoy!

Created in QvikSketch on iPad with Nomad Brush.