ABG2H: New Download

Well, our friends at Hipstamatic have done it again! I was fooled, thinking the “Made in America” free pak was the same as the “America” Hipstapak. No, no, my friends! The free pak is a lens and a case. The Hipstapak includes those plus two films!!!

Examples show below. Hooray! both of these were taken with the Loftus lens to minimize lens distortion on the color values of the films. I love these new films! What about you?



Blanko Freedom 13


ABG2H: Favorites Update

A wonderful update is available for Hipstamatic today! Now (in addition to some bug fixes internationally) on your favorites, the program brings up some sample photos you’ve taken with that certain Favorites conglomeration, as long as they’re in your Recent Prints.

Handy? Absolutely! I generally can sort information pictorially more quickly, so this is a BIG plus for me. Check out the screen shot below for a sample, and download your update from the app store today!