Life is Hip: Spontaneous Art photography

One of the things I like to think I excel at is capturing spontaneous art moments in the everyday, mundane vortex of “stuff” that surrounds us.

(Nothing like starting off with a fantastically pompous statement, eh?)

Seriously, though. I really do have a knack for Catching little moments of life using my cell phone camera, and most of the time, the result is a photo I am pleased with. (And before you get all preachy on me that a cell phone can’t create real photography, just calm down. I realize the limitations of my phone in regards to quality.) I have enjoyed this challenge (of catching fleeting life moments) so much that I even have 3 albums on Facebook dedicated to just such photos.

Today I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Pittsburgh Here is some of what I saw today: just a fun slice of life, spontaneously captured in fleeting seconds.