IPad Painting: Teaser

Here is a sneak peak of a great project I am excited to share when it is finished!

My sister N has a children’s book she is writing for a class project entitled “If You Give A Panda Pizza.” I was so inspired by what she was writing (and it sounded so darn cute!) that I begged to illustrate the story. (And before you are feeling she cheated off of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie,” that was the point of the project, and she is writing her own original spin on it.)

So I’ve started illustrating, and the method I’m using is a blended traditional and digital media approach. See below for a sneak peak, because a more detailed entry is coming soon!


ABG2H: Favorites Update

A wonderful update is available for Hipstamatic today! Now (in addition to some bug fixes internationally) on your favorites, the program brings up some sample photos you’ve taken with that certain Favorites conglomeration, as long as they’re in your Recent Prints.

Handy? Absolutely! I generally can sort information pictorially more quickly, so this is a BIG plus for me. Check out the screen shot below for a sample, and download your update from the app store today!