Inspiration Station: Eyebombing

Etsy never ceases to amaze me.  The links they share on their Facebook feed continue to educate, inspire, and amuse me.

Today’s link concerns “eyebombing.”  What is eyebombing? Well, put simply (and much less eloquently than the linked article), it’s putting googly eyes on street objects.  Teeny, tiny drops of vandalism to provoke smiles and anthropomorphize (now there’s your $10 college word-of-the-day) the streets.

You know, I think I would feel better about walking through urban streets if they were looking at me with googly eyes.

I love watching new incarnations of performance / street art, like yarn bombing and planking.  I wonder how these trends develop: who first thinks of the fad? Who then deems it is a fad? Who then decides it’s Wikipedia worthy?

If all we are is what we leave behind, what do these types of art say about our culture? Our history? Our destiny?

Bravo to Neilsen/Dam for bringing me to such a pensieve point on what otherwise would be a staring-at-the-clouds-out-the-window Friday where “I-just-need-it-to-be-the-weekend” normally runs rampant through my brain.

What type of mark are you leaving?

Life is Hip: Spontaneous Art photography

One of the things I like to think I excel at is capturing spontaneous art moments in the everyday, mundane vortex of “stuff” that surrounds us.

(Nothing like starting off with a fantastically pompous statement, eh?)

Seriously, though. I really do have a knack for Catching little moments of life using my cell phone camera, and most of the time, the result is a photo I am pleased with. (And before you get all preachy on me that a cell phone can’t create real photography, just calm down. I realize the limitations of my phone in regards to quality.) I have enjoyed this challenge (of catching fleeting life moments) so much that I even have 3 albums on Facebook dedicated to just such photos.

Today I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Pittsburgh Here is some of what I saw today: just a fun slice of life, spontaneously captured in fleeting seconds.